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The programs at the Eco Wisdom Sanctuary are designed to engage your senses, awaken your ecological imagination, and cultivate your ecological literacy to live in harmony with the natural world, while learning how to enhance your own ecological footprint and walk gently on the earth. We have a variety of programs to choose from, or we can personalize a program for your own specific needs. Our programs are intimate with a capacity for six people.

The farm is home to a herd of 13 horses, 4 dwarf goats, a pig named Hoover, ducks, chickens, peacocks and two adorable dogs.


Michelle Atterby, eco philosopher, spiritual guide, educator, researcher, nature/animal lover. Michelle has twenty years of experience facilitating nature-based programs, animal assisted learning, and creating beautiful, abundant gardens. Currently completing a masters degree in environmental education and communication at Royal Roads University. Undergraduate studies in psychology and philosophy, multiple certifications in animals behaviour and learning, certified permaculture designer, facilitator of The Work That Reconnects, diploma in body-mind therapies, and a long time committed contemplative practice.


As an element of Eco-therapy, equine assisted learning is a safe and informed process for self reflection, and self discovery for healthy individuals seeking personal growth through experiential, and relational learning in a natural and creative environment.

Horses experience the world through their highly attuned senses. Their intelligence rests within the animate life world and guides them moment to moment. Their capacity of presence invites us to become attentive to our own internal landscape, noticing emotions, thoughts and senses. This form of learning is deeply somatic and bypasses the cognitive soundscape that may interfere with present moment awareness, perhaps leading to insights about ourselves we may not otherwise have access too.

Personal sessions are 60 minutes

Fee $100


Gather 5 of your friends and Join us for a weekend of yoga, forest bathing, a reflective activity with horses, local winery tour, and great food. A perfect mini getaway to pause, reflect and rest. All meals are vegetarian or vegan.

See Eco Retreat Page for more information


  • May 20 - 22, 2022

  • JUNE 24- 26, 2022

  • JULY 22- 24, 2022

  • AUGUST 19 - 21, 2022

Limited to 6 people

$600 pp

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Permaculture is a philosophy of working with nature's natural systems, recognizing that no-thing is separate, but interwoven in a dynamic, complex web of relationships. The design / ecological principles are derived using whole systems thinking to create a beautiful, resilient and flourishing eco system, no matter how large or small your space is. Our 2 day weekend classes will teach: the foundation of soil building and composting, creating guilds, companion planting, pollinator planting, mulching, making simple herbal remedies, sustainability designing and more.

Limited to 6 people

2 nights Accommodations and meals included


Without Accommodations


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Our Boutique Farm Market is open from May to September and offers: organic eggs from pasture raised hens, organic vegetables and fruits, homemade soaps and body products, herbal teas and fresh cut flowers. The inventory list grows each year as we continue to expand our product lines.

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We believe in the healing properties nature provides, and sharing this beautiful space with others who are values-aligned, creates an opportunity for people to reconnect, realign and attune to what is most calling their creative imaginations, positively contributing to  these great transitional times we are in.

We welcome:

  • Private group functions

  • Corporate team building events

  • Personal group retreats

Please contact Michelle for more information

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Our Personalized Eco Retreats are four days and three nights. All meals included and locally sourced vegetarian dishes, personalized juicing and smoothies, and fresh food from the farm.

Our program is designed to assist you to deepen your bond and recognize the reciprocal relationship with the natural world. You are not separate from nature.

Our practices include: nature orientated awareness practice, nature-based soul work, working with ecological grief, eco art and reflective practice, animal assisted learning, garden therapy, contemplative practice through yoga and meditation, and earth based ceremonies.

Limited to 6 people

Accommodations and all meals included

$999 pp

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As an advocate of animal welfare, I love to teach animal behaviour and learning programs that focus on positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is one of four  modules of operant learning, and highly supports the positive emotions we want to elicit with learning outcomes. The mechanics of positive reinforcement require keen observation, great timing, new language around animal-human relations, and consistent marker signals, combining science with artful facilitation. No matter what species of animals you live with, learning about behaviour and teaching will enrich and deepen the bond with your non-human animal companion.

This two day event is a fun, engaging and highly informative workshop that offers you the basics of positive reinforcement teaching, creating enriched environments, developing games, holistic animal care and learning about the broader context of animal ethics and welfare.

Limited to 6 people

2 nights accommodation and meals included

$600 pp

Without accommodations

$450 pp

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